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Thank you to Jennifer Dennison and Western Horseman Magazine for allowing us to use these You Tube Videos on our Website

Thank you to Emily Kitchens-Eclectic Horseman for this Video

This is a letter of heartfelt thanks, for your knowledge, patience, experience, and understanding. You folks took a group of people under your wing for a weekend and gave them each the individual help they needed for where they were at, in that point of their horsemanship, yet friendly and without ego. You gave humbly of yourself with only the thoughts of others and their horse's in mind. That is truly a rare gift. A lot of doors have been opened for my horse and myself to improve, but also for me to trust in him and myself. We're ready for the next clinic!!!
Tina and Todd Hansen   
Billings, MT. Clinic

I just got off the phone with California Classics folks, and we talked about riding with you, Richard. I went on and on about what a fine teacher you are -- organized, kind, and effective with the group and one-on-one. I rode in the clinic that was at Mindy Bowers/Kevin Hall's place in Colorado. It was an outstanding experience. You helped me run through the bit options afterward and I know you were not feeling very good, but helped me anyway. Thank you for all. The clinic was important to me -- getting focused on the hackamore is not so easy to come by and getting the help on how to take the next steps into the two-rein is even more rare. What you're teaching is important so please keep going. Please know how very much I appreciate what you very kindly and thoughtfully offered.
Marilyn Golden
  Kiowa, CO. Clinic

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